The Azaleas in the Gardens at Biltmore

Biltmore Estate Vista

One  of the greatest pleasures of living near Asheville is having access to the incredible Biltmore Estate with its house and gardens. Today I went to see the azaleas that have been in bloom for two weeks, and anything else concerning the gardens that might prove  especially interesting. Driving the two miles to the mansion from the entrance where the security guard checked my pass was worth the entire trip. Wild azaleas were blooming in the forest all along the road. Century old trees of every make and model were in their full glory on an overcast afternoon. Driving past the house, I went directly to the parking area  behind the Gardens’ store and hot houses. Being a weekday, there were people but no crowds. It was almost like I had the entire Gardens to myself. Walking into the formal garden from the conservatory, this is the view that greeted me.

Biltmore Formal Gardens
The wisteria was in full bloom, and set off the reds and yellows in the beds. There were many varieties of iris. Here are just a few…


Scattered among the iris beds were plantings of the most interesting pansies I’ve ever seen.

Biltmore Pansies

Walking into the Frederick Law Olmstead designed azalea garden, the colors were in all directions. I slowly walked amongst these glorious bushes, in awe of their displays. For those folks who believe that they might see Heaven in their afterlife, they don’t need to wait. Just being in this place is as much Heaven as you might ever have imagined. You can’t believe the beauty… 

Moving on to the Boathouse on Bass Lake, I found the largest Mountain Laurel tree I’ve ever seen. It, too, must have been over a hundred years old.

Biltmore Mountain Laurel

Walking back toward the garden entrance, I was greeted by a Robin Redbreast, looking for that illusive worm. Also, a small stream fed into the lake, but not before keeping a steady flow of nourishing water to the forest around it.

Biltmore Estate Robin  Biltmore Evergreens

Driving out, the house beckoned me to return. That’s one request that will be easy to fulfill.

Biltmore Estate Chateau

8 thoughts on “The Azaleas in the Gardens at Biltmore

  1. Old George took his influence & Money to Direct and create Workes of ART he was only able to enjoy a short time in his life but to share for the enjoyment by generations to come. Your Photos are Beautiful—-The Old Laurel is as the surfers say ” Gnarly ” ! Imagine if Peter Sellers Character “Cheslie ” A Gardner ” actually spent his life caring for the This grea Estate.

  2. Looks like you picked the perfect time of the year for your visit to the Biltmore. The colors are so vivid and complex, your pictures transported me into the gardens. Hope to return there with you again to enjoy this treasure shared with us by the Vanderbilt’s and Olmstead.

  3. Someday i sure hope to see this magnificent place in person, maybe with you as my guide. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures! Yes it does look like heaven.

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