Sunrise Rainbow

Roan Horsetop Mountain
A trip up the mountain where there’s a “Blue Ridge Parkway” style overlook facing a group of medium height mountains, had more in store for me than I had originally thought. It was just after sunrise and the sky was deep blue except for a few distant clouds coming from the Mt. Mitchell area. Roan Horsetop Mountain was bright green against a frame of dark shadows still awaiting the sun. There was no hint of rain.  

Escarpment Rainbow
Like a Hollywood special effect, this column of colors suddenly began to grow from the forest. The distant clouds were no longer so distant, and shadows from clouds to the east were drifting across the face of the mountain.

Ridge Rainbow
In what seemed to be a very slow process, the arc of the rainbow became more and more pronounced. The end of the rainbow was clearly just over that first ridge.

Mountain Rainbow

Bear Gap Rainbow
Finally the bow extended across the entire sky, and still no visible rain. There must have a been a fine mist falling from the clouds. It was obviously enough to make what you see here. My original intention was to photograph Roan Horsetop with Mountain Laurel in the foreground. I’ll close with that image.

Laurel Mountain

3 thoughts on “Sunrise Rainbow

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  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Always feel its magical seeing a rainbow and that one was special. Love the Laurel mtn picture, very special for sure

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