Exploring Cedar Creek Gorge in North Carolina

Barely three miles north of world renowned Lake Lure is a little known and seldom visited gorge with one of the most treacherous lengths of falls, cascades, and chutes, anywhere along the eastern Blue Ridge Escarpment. In less than half a mile, Cedar Creek drops over 300 feet in its relentless journey to the Broad River. During periods of heavy rain, you can’t even get into the gorge because of the high fast moving creek. Even on calm days, you need a strong rope to allow you to drop over sixty feet to the bottom of the gorge, and then be able to pull yourself back out. Few people ever make the attempt. Although there is no room to manuever a Kayak around the giant boulders, the torrent is no less exciting for an adventurous hiker. Where the rocks remain wet, a dangerous slime lurks just under a layer of fallen leaves. This hike is not for the faint of heart. The video below only covers a short portion of the upper part of the gorge. The lower area is inaccessible because the walls are so steep and deep, at least for this hiker.

One thought on “Exploring Cedar Creek Gorge in North Carolina

  1. Wow. Perfect musical score by Enigma allowed me to transport myself to Cedar Creek gorge and its amazing natural peacefulness. Thank you Vann for sharing these Blue Ridge impressions with me in South Florida. Love Wade

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