Sunrise in Otter Creek Valley

During my walk on Wednesday, I made videos of the different views that I especially like just as the sun was rising. The reflections in Otter Pond were quite nice.

Otter Pond Reflections

I found a new orange wildflower that I don’t recall seeing before.

Orange Wildflowers

Below is the 4 minute video I made. There is no music added. Listen for the birds, and at one point, you can hear the rush of the stream that flows out of Otter Pond on its way to Otter Creek a quarter mile down the slope.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise in Otter Creek Valley

  1. Vann, the one of the reflections on Otter Pond is amazing, such color, its wonderful how much beauty can be found at 1 location, there seems to be endless ones at Otter Pond. Enjoyed your sharing of your beautiful morning

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