Early Summer along the Blue Ridge

Linville Gorge Summer
Whether you just cruise along the Parkway, or climb to the top of Mt. Mitchell, summer along the Blue Ridge always has surprises in store. Above, Linville Gorge can dazzle even without the autumn colors. Below, two seasoned travelers see the gorge for the first time.

Wiseman's View at Linville Gorge

Vann and Larry at Linville
Yours truly with childhood and college buddy, Larry Fox. Below, the Catawba Rhododendron gardens atop Roan Mountain are a little late this year with their magenta display, but even a few blooms can still bring delightful feelings.

Roan Mountain Beauty

Cruising along the Parkway near Mt. Mitchell may find you in thick clouds and stiff winds, but just below those clouds, the ridges to the east are as dramatic as ever.

Toward the East
Looking toward Charlotte, above, the green of the mountainsides is strong. Looking to the south toward South Carolina, the ridges take on a blue-green tinge, below.

Toward the South

Diving into Asheville from the Parkway, the newly redecorated Grove Park Inn is ready to celebrate its 100th Anniversary this year. Below, the totally recovered support columns in the massive lobby feature Craftsman wood coverings.

Grove Park Inn Lobby
On each side of the columns are special Craftsman stained glass lanterns, below, each echoing the mountains and the flowers of the Blue Ridge.

Grove Park Inn Lanterns

Driving back over the Blue Ridge, Andrew’s Geyser in the Old Fort Loops of the Southern Railway still amazes after 130 years.

Andrews Geyser

Driving south to Lake Lure, a round of golf at Apple Valley Golf Club, below, caps off an incredible day of exploration.

Apple Valley Golf Club

Ascending to the summit of Young’s Mountain on the eastern side of Lake Lure rewards one with the ideal sunset at days end.

Lake Lure Sunset

2 thoughts on “Early Summer along the Blue Ridge

  1. Beautiful pictures as usual, Glad that you enjoyed your trip with your friend. That golf course is stunning, bet each hole had beautiful views. Thanks, for sharing

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