Summer Garden and Meadow at Otter Creek

Summer Garden
As July arrives, the flowers in the evergreen rock garden are really starting to open.

White Cone Flowers
White Cone flowers will be in full bloom in another week.

Purple Bouquet
Purple and pink flowers (below) are beginning to cover the garden.

Pink Bouquet

Hemlock House, below, is surrounded by Virginia Pines, maples, oaks, and hemlocks as the setting sun peeks over the distant mountain.

Hemlock House at Sunset

Blue wildflowers, below, are scattered across the meadows.

Blue Wildflowers

The Colorado Blue Spruce, below, that I planted three years ago has finally decided to start growing. I had almost given up on it. The Loblolly Pines that I planted the same time are now over twelve feet tall. Go figure.

Colorado Blue Spruce

The front yard has become a small forest, below, with five different varieties of pine and spruce.

Front Yard Pines

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