Monsoon in the Mountains

Almost seven inches of rain has fallen here in three days, giving this area a 20″ surplus for the year so far. Otter Creek is once again over its banks. More rain means more flowers, and I found an unusual variety of orange day lily with triple petals in the blossoms. The less showy Carolina Rhododendrons are finally blooming along the creek. The waterfall below my woods is very active today.

In the cornfield at the bottom of Otter Creek, the Morning Glories are once again entwined with the green stalks.

Morning Glory Rain

2 thoughts on “Monsoon in the Mountains

  1. What a treat, Vann! I haven’t seen triple daylilies, either. Can’t believe all the rain. My cousins in Ft. Myers Beach are having a couple of weeks of heavy summer thundershower activity. We got an extremely timely one-day break just in time for her son’s outdoor wedding — whew! Just one shower during the photo session!

  2. That’s a lot of rain, we’ve been having quite a bit here in Miami, too, but I’m not lucky to keep finding all those beautiful flowers popping up everywhere. The orange is so vibrant in the lily. Boy the swing might have to be bolted down, if the rain keeps coming. Bet you can really hear the water cascading now from your home. Enjoying your post as always

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