Blackberry Pickin’

This morning was a cool 65 degrees with a light mist falling,  a perfect day for picking blackberries.

Misty Mountain

The blackberries were ripening rapidly, and earlier reconnaissance told me where to find the best patches.

Mountain Berries

The vines were over six feet tall, and the berries would be picked one at a time. There would be blood!

Blackberry Bushes

The red ones would await another day…

Blackberry Cabin

Back at the house, my mother’s sixty year old colander held the day’s bounty. This batch would be in the cobbler for my family reunion in August.

Blackberry Colander

4 thoughts on “Blackberry Pickin’

  1. Yummy. I went to the State Farmers market and got two baskets of peaches. Peeled and sliced the fridge for months to come. Stay well and Kisses to you. Linda

  2. Boy, that cobbler will taste even better since the berries are home grown. You have such a special place there bountiful treasures of every kind. I’d not only be making cobbler, but trying to make jelly (though that’s be a new thing for me) Guess you can freeze the berries for smoothies the rest of the year. Enjoy. Here we are getting so much rain, getting so tired of it. Love ya, Edwina

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