The Broad River at Floodstage

The same day I made the images in the previous post. I also made a video along The Broad River that flows out of Lake Lure. This is the most active I have ever seen this river.  On the positive side, the town of Lake Lure is making lots of money by generating power at their dam and selling it back to Duke Power. The water has been this way for two weeks….

2 thoughts on “The Broad River at Floodstage

  1. It’s amazing how powerful the river sounds. Definitely not a sleepy river now! Here I’m just having to deal with lots of muddy puddles, from so much rain, the lake behind me is high, though, they’ll probably be lowering the level soon to drain out to the ocean so people’s properties don’t flood. So enjoy listening to the flowing waters and your music accompaniment

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