Living in a Rain Forest

So far during the month of July, over seventeen inches of rain has fallen, and we still have another week to go. The forest is super green and very thick. The famous Blue Ridge Parkway has been closed indefinitely by an imminent landslide near Mt. Mitchell. The mountain slopes are so saturated, many major roads have given way to moving earth, and repairs could take months.

Green Forest

Wildflowers are still everywhere, and even the rabbits are multiplying faster this year.

The trees and plants in the meadow around my house are taking over. There are weed stalks over ten feet tall, and still growing.

Hemlock Sunrise

My evergreen gardens have doubled in size in less than a year.

Three Cedars

At this rate, we will set a record for yearly rainfall. Already this area is 25 inches above normal. Good thing I live on a hill, as long as it decides to stay put. Below is the forest at sunrise on July 24th.

Green Sun

Otter Pond is as green as I’ve ever seen it.

Green Otter Pond

One thought on “Living in a Rain Forest

  1. Just beautiful pictures! Everything so green. The one of your home makes one feel contentment and inviting. We’re getting quite a bit of rain, too and thank goodness it drains off quickly. Keep dry and certainly hope the rain doesn’t effect your paradise other than making everything grow. I can just imagine how treacherous those winding roads your way can be, heck even in good weather, I’ve driven them. Love ya, Edwina

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