The Final Bow for Asheville’s Belle Chere Festival- 2013

After over thirty years as an annual art and music weekend on the streets of downtown Asheville, economic times and annoying “born again” preachers with loud PA systems have doomed the otherwise enjoyable three day celebration. Thousands of people flock to this mountain mecca on the last weekend in July, searching for food, art, and a leisurely stroll along automobile free streets. All of these photos were made near the intersection of Patton Avenue and Lexington on Friday evening near sundown. The historic Art Deco Asheville City Hall and the Zebulon Vance Memorial made the perfect backdrop for the festivities.

Asheville City Hall

For all of the smaller images, make sure you click on them individually so you can enjoy the hundreds of faces, and especially the T-shirts, of the crowd. As with most street fairs, the people are as interesting as the art.

Looking west on Patton Avenue, the throngs of strollers were searching for that perfect trinket or Taco…

Belle Chere on Patton Avenue

Again, make sure you click on these smaller images to get the full effect of all the people.

Leaving Asheville headed east is always a breathtaking site where all the interstates collide.
Blue Ridge Asheville

Just one last reminder, from someone who should know, as to why we choose to live here.

Tiger Woods Inspires

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