Mountain Wildflowers of August

A damp morning walk reveals the variety of colorful wildflowers that tend to bloom only during August. Some are prominent, but others are hidden by much larger plants, and need to be sought out. The most colorful was this fuchsia  bundle of small flowers that grew as part of a larger crest of many blooms.

Fuchcia Fireworks

Next for bright color was this intricate pink pom pom.


The most unusual, and one that I had never seen before, was this complicated plant with leaves that looked like someone had sprayed them from above with white paint. The flowers were very small, but tightly packed into a fuzzy ball.

Frost Flower

Click on any of the following thumbnails to enjoy the wonders of nature.


One thought on “Mountain Wildflowers of August

  1. Wow — what beautiful treasures surround you, Vann! Thanks for sharing! We are getting a taste of early Fall as well — 56 this morning and foggy (95% humidity — nearly unheard of here!)

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