Summer View from my Deck

Yesterday the afternoon light was just perfect for capturing the multitude of green shades to the west of my house. The clouds were also perfect. With all the rain this summer, everything is lush and scent of pine is heavy in the air.

Perfect Green

6 thoughts on “Summer View from my Deck

  1. You’re very blessed. I find thoughts of the area creeping into my quiet time. It’s not long until the leaves will change and I’m counting on your blog to let me know when to head that way. I usually get a couple of trips in every fall since Durham is perfect for a weekend get-away to the mtns. Thank you for the posts. By the way.. are you familiar with the Second Baptist Church in Rutherfordton? I rode by the house behind the church when I visit the area last. It’s my grandparents old homeplace. I spent so many hours playing in that yard and in a swing that used to be on the porch there. It makes me happy and sad at the same time to think about it. Anyway… thank you again for these views of the area I call HOME.

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