Hints of Autumn in Mid-August

Tulip Poplar
It may be August 15th, but the woods are already letting us know that fall is not far away. It was 59 this morning, and my walk found changing leaves in many places. The Tulip Poplar, above, is well on the way to its annual paint party. The Sugar Maple, below, has already begun to fall to the ground.

Sugar Maple

The vine below is always one of the first plants to change colors.

Colorful Vine

My walk also found new wildflowers that seemed to appear from nowhere. Also appearing was a mountain man on a tractor. Wolf Pen Mountain was still in her summer clothes.

4 thoughts on “Hints of Autumn in Mid-August

  1. The leaves look like rainbows, so like the pond picture and the butterflies-Thanks for sharing your wonderful eye catching of nature’s art-Here in Miami, its been nothing but dreary wet & humid weather, more rain is expected for the next several days

  2. Vann, I am in awe of how you catch the essence of each season and each day. I have been watercolor painting and decided to venture into oils. When I see the beauty of your photos, I am inspired to paint.

    • My dearest Sue.. If my work can inspire you, it has been a success. I marvel at the beauty of nature, and hope that my work will carry that beauty beyond my own insignificant eye. Thank you for such wonderful encouragement.. Vann

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