Morning Fog On the Mountains

Double Layers
After another inch of rain yesterday, layers of fog hugged the mountains and settled in the valley this morning at sunrise. It was 61 degrees with no wind. Otter Creek Valley can be found just a few miles north of historic Lake Lure along the eastern escarpment of the Blue Ridge.

Valley Mist

Below is the southwestern ridge leading to Wolf Pen Mountain.

Coon Gap Fog

Below is Mount Shumont west of Lake Lure. In the mist, it is reminiscent of Mt. Fugi in Japan.

Shumont Mountain

Click on the photos below for full size view.

2 thoughts on “Morning Fog On the Mountains

  1. Hello Vann:
    Sorry I didn’t come up there, but I pray that I can get up that way by October . It is so beautiful there. Your photos are some of the best. Burnie Harris

  2. You need a Little Banjo & other accostic string music playing “Foggy Mountain Break Down !” in the Back Ground !
    Great photos ! One of my long memories of Foggy Mountains is back when there was no Aircondition in the Car
    and a few Skunks were n’t visable in the Fog but their smell was caught up in the Fog ! :>))

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