September Wildflowers of Otter Creek Valley

Above Otter Pond

As summer wanes, the last of the wildflowers are making their appearance. On the northern slope above Otter Pond, yellow wildflowers are in full bloom, above. In the distance is Dick’s Mountain just north of Lake Lure.

Bubby Above Otter Pond
Buddy, above, likes to romp in the flowers as much as I like to photograph them… The tall stems are everywhere along the forest boundary, below. Although they look alot like Black Eyed Susan, they are something else. The centers are reddish brown, and they grow to heights of six feet. They are in the Astor family.

Purple and Yellow

Here’s another rare wildflower that I have never seem before. Hundreds of wispy blooms catch the morning dew just before sunrise. It was 57 degrees. Click to see the larger versions.

Dew Flower   White Clusters

A miniature version of Black Eyed Susan cling to vines along the ground, below.

Black Eyed Susan

Looking up toward Oak Mountain, below, the trail is lined with yellow blossoms.

Oak Mountain Blooms

3 thoughts on “September Wildflowers of Otter Creek Valley

  1. I love Blackeyed Susans!,,I have a few in a side area of my yard……Thanks for the pics, Van Patsy


  2. I agree with Patsy Van : Great pictures . I love the First days of fall as the Temps slowly come down ! Soon the Leaves will Produce their colors for us again . Van Isn’t that a White Fall Blooming Clematis flower in your photo ?

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