Last Morning of Summer

Carolina Moon Setting
As summer ends, the full moon was setting just before sunrise.

Dick's Mountain Sunrise
Hunter, the old Golden Lab, was just glad to be out in the 57 degree dawn.

Vann's Red Sweater
Yours truly models his new red sweater as the sun rises.

Wolf Pen Mountain Sunflowers

From my driveway, Wolf Pen Mountain dominates the horizon as my sunflowers find the first rays of the morning.

Cedar Creek Falls
After sunset last evening, Cedar Creek Falls was very active, even without rain for the past two weeks.

Young's Mountain Cadillac
Posing with my new car, Young’s Mountain makes the perfect backdrop.

4 thoughts on “Last Morning of Summer

  1. Great pictures as usual! Like your new Cadi wheels. BTW You look pretty sharp in that red sweater. Take care, keep the pics coming. Give a pat to your hiking buddies, Hunter & Buddy, for me

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