October Arrives in Otter Creek Valley

Otter Pond October
As the sun rose on a new October this morning, it painted the tree tops with the hues of autumn. The 49 degree air was calm over Otter Pond, and Dick’s mountain made the perfect contrast to dark water.

Roan Horsetop Reds
Roan Horsetop Mountain on the western horizon took a back seat to the new reds and yellows of the Dogwood and the Tulip Poplar. Colors are late this year, and might be more vibrant than last year. I can’t wait……


Hemphill Road Mountains
Looking southwest from Hemphill Road toward Otter Creek Valley at sunset this evening…..

3 thoughts on “October Arrives in Otter Creek Valley

  1. At last…nature’s beauty returns to your neck of the woods…as for us…the low temperature got below 70 for the first time since May.

  2. Wow, the picture of Otter Pond looks like a painting. Such a contrast of color from the brown reeds in the water to the greens of the trees and then the pop of orange and reds. Just lovely. Enjoying looking at the fall colores, here in Miami is still muggy and rainy again today. The only sign of seasons is, I’ve seen more birds on the lake, saw several wood storks, yesterday but they were too far away for a good picture

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