Autumn Accelerates Along the Blue Ridge

Otter Creek Valley Dawn
Dawn broke today with a spectacular sunrise.

Shumont Sunrise
Distant 3,900 foot Mt. Shumont west of Lake Lure is dwarfed by the Tulip Poplars above Otter Pond.

Wildflower Astor Sunrise
These wild Astors welcome the first rays of the sun.

Yellow Bouquet
Another unusual yellow wildflower has appeared below Oak Mountain.

Otter Pond Sunrise
Dogwood and Tulip Poplar lead the way as autumn marches across Otter Creek Valley.

Otter Creek Cabin
The log cabin atop the hill is the home of Buddy and Hunter, my trusty walking companions.

Brushy Top Sunrise
Brushy Top and Oak Mountains over Otter Pond will be next as the color creeps down their southern slopes. Remember, by clicking on any photo, you can see the larger version.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Accelerates Along the Blue Ridge

  1. Thanks, Vann for my morning dose of Fall Beauty. As I have probably said before, my favorite season in my WV Hills!



  2. Your beautiful pictures are a morning pleasure. That sunrise looked so pretty, as I’ve said before you really get to enjoy so many different flowers and views each day. Give Buddy & Hunter a hug for me, they are such great dogs. Enjoy your fall weather, we finally have sunshine this morning so sick of all the rain. Muddy everywhere. Thanks for sharing and making my day

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