In the Shadow of Hickory Nut Mountain

Hickory Nut Farm
In the long shadow of 3,300 foot Hickory Nut Mountain, Black Angus cattle graze freely as autumn makes its subtle entrance.

Greasy Creek Road
Greasy Creek Road meanders between the lush pastures.

Hickory Nut Sundown
The eastern slope of Hickory Hut Mountain catches the last rays of the setting sun.

Long Mountain
Long Mountain with Pinnacle Peak at its northern slope bids farewell to a bright autumn sun as recently cut hay fields have given up their last bounty of the season.

Pinnacle Peak
Pinnacle Peak, above right, at just over 2,500 feet, towers over mostly uninhabited valleys along the Rutherford, McDowell County line.

McDowell Homeplace
A long abandoned nineteenth century brick and stucco homeplace stands watch over rolling pastures at sunset.

One thought on “In the Shadow of Hickory Nut Mountain

  1. Beautiful pictures of your outing. The one of the cows looks like a painting. It’s a shame that home just stands there deteriorating away, beautiful setting

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