Linville Gorge in Mid-October

Linville Gorge Cliffs
Making the challenging drive to Wiseman’s View on the southern rim of Linville Gorge is always a treat. The colors are yet to peak, but every day is dramatic at this time of year. The above view is toward the northwest, with the Linville River 1,500 feet below.

Hawksbill Mountain Color
Hawksbill Mountain, above, presents one of the most rewarding climbs in all the Blue Ridge Mountains. The rock formations are formidable. It dominates the northern view from the South Rim.

Linville Gorge Path
The canopy path leading from the gorge is especially memorable in the fall.

4 thoughts on “Linville Gorge in Mid-October

  1. WOW, Stunning pictures. The path picture reminds me of fall trips to the Chicago area when my son lived there, there were so many beautiful paths to walk.

  2. Oh, how lovely! We were about 10 days to early when we visited last year … the colors were just beginning to change. We were at Wiseman, and drove around Linville .. such beautiful places. So glad you are out there enjoying it, and making it possible for us to all enjoy it, too!

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