November Arrives in Otter Creek Valley

Otter Pond at Dusk
As October shuffles out, November has arrived with a blaze of color across the ridges surrounding Otter Creek Valley. Otter Pond, above, is almost at peak color.

BBrushy Top Mountain Color
Brushy Top Mountain to the north is a burnt umber color as a mist enshrouds its southern face.

Wolf Pen Ridges
The many ridges of Wolf Pen Mountain welcome the early morning mist, above.

Otter Creek Meadow
Two beds of late blooming Golden Rod will be the last wildflowers of Autumn. This meadow leads down to Otter Pond, just over those trees, with an abandoned cabin above the pond.

Oak Mountain Mist
Wild onions in the meadow lead to the colorful treeline as Oak Mountain is clothed in a morning fog.

Red Oak Splendor
This Red Oak seems perfectly pleased with its view of Otter Pond, and it revels in its colorful fall display.

Otter Creek Bottomland

Through the woods behind the house, a small pond welcomes a morning rain, above.

Hemlock House Deck View
Just two days ago, a noontime image from my deck gave a hint of the transformation underway in Otter Creek Valley. I can’t wait for the Sun to appear again.

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