Spectacular Color as Autumn Reaches a Crescendo

Friday, November first, began with overcast skies and a light rain. By noon, the rain stopped, and the sun appeared, but clouds and fog still lingered over the mountains. I rushed up my road to the area about half a mile from the house, and this is what I found.
Wolf Pen Ridges in Fall

People always talk about the amazing colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but after my fifth autumn here in Otter Creek Valley, I believe that the colors here are the best anywhere in these mountains. Who would have thought that my own little Fibber Magee Drive would become a rival for the most visited National Park in America?

Bear Gap Colors
A large fire on these slopes nine years ago gave new trees a chance to grow, and many of them are yellow in fall.

Brushy Top Mountain Color

Brushy Top Mountain with its exposed granite face, below,  is always a show stopper.

Brushy Top Detail

The deep blue sky that replaced the clouds made the perfect backdrop to the bright color.

Loblolly Pine Forest
A forest of Loblolly Pine covers the floor of the valley below the road. You won’t find them higher in the mountains.

Brushy Top at Sunrise
At sunrise on Saturday morning, Brushy Top Mountain was in full glory as Hunter the Golden Lab headed out for our morning walk. Below is a short video that gives a more three dimentional view of the valley at peak color.

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