Very Late Color at Lake Lure

Lake Lure Autumn

The slopes around beautiful Lake Lure and along the Rocky Broad River near Chimney Rock are always the last to turn as autumn wanes. Above, the entrance to Hickory Nut Gorge is a little past peak with Lake Lure in the foreground.

Broad River autumn
On the banks of the river, the colors of the maples and oaks are still vibrant, above.

Rocky Broad River Chalet
A lone chalet hugs the mountainside along the south bank of the river, above.

Tryon Peak in autumn
Due south of Lake Lure is Tryon Mountain, just north of the South Carolina state line.

Bald Cypress in Autumn
Just north of the lake, a young Bald Cypress makes up in color what it lacks in size.

Cedar Creek Gorge Color
The trees along the Cedar Creek Gorge near the lake seemed to have saved the best for last.

Frost Autumn Leaves
A 16 degree morning finally slams the door on Autumn 2013. It was quite a colorful run.

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