Davidson College in Autumn

Davidson College Autumn
Just twenty miles north of the modern metropolis of Charlotte is the historic campus of Davidson College. Established in 1837 by the Presbyterian Church, the prestigious “Southern Ivy League” institution is dedicated to the creativity of the individual, and fosters a lifetime commitment to integrity.

Davidson College Quad
Two hundred year old Oaks frame the oldest part of campus. Unlike most other Southern schools, 95% of the student body lives on campus.

Davidson College Students
Melodious chimes tell the students when classes are over, and the campus suddenly is alive with activity.

Davidson College Vann Center
Philanthropic Hall, constructed in 1850, was named for one of the first two student societies founded at the college, which still meets today.

Davidson College Trees

Davidson College Theater
Keeping with the Greek style of the older buildings, the Cunningham Theater Center sits at the crest of the old part of campus.

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