First Snow Along the Escarpment

In a rare pre-Thanksgiving event, snow fell east of the Blue Ridge escarpment on November 27th. For almost two hours, the flakes flew, although a wet ground after three inches of rain kept it from sticking. A light rain at sunrise gave way to a strong northwest wind, which brought the snow.

Blue Ridge Escarpment snow

The following short video was made during the snow storm.

Wolfpen Mountain Snow

As the storm passed, the sun broke through, and the last of the snow clouds drifted along the slopes of Wolfpen Mountain to the northwest.

3 thoughts on “First Snow Along the Escarpment

  1. Vann,we are some of those Floridians who only make it up a few times a year and pine for the area the rest of the time. We have been SO blessed by your pictures and videos. It is almost like being there. You are an awesome photographer and your passion for and knowledge of the area enhance your art.

    • Dearest Darlyne, Thank you for those words of encouragement. If I succeed in conveying the love and respect I feel about living here, then my photography and commentary are successful. Vann

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