Winter Pond Reflections

Otter Creek Pond Ice
Sunrise was greeted by 18 degree temps in Otter Creek Valley. The pond behind my woods was ringed with icy grasses, and with no wind, the surface was a perfect mirror for the trees along the hillside.

Otter Creek Icy Pond
The evergreens always make the perfect contrast to the leafless trees against a deep blue sky.

Otter Creek Icy Trees
The Oaks, Hickorys, and Tulip Poplars grow thick along the bank.


Otter Creek Icy Reflection



3 thoughts on “Winter Pond Reflections

  1. Stunning Pictures!!! When I first opened the email, with my “wonderful” eyesight” thought they’re upside down lol, then realized immediately it was reflections on the pond. Great eye, my Friend. Beautiful as usual.

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