Frigid Days in Otter Creek Valley

Frozen Otter Pond with Contrails

As the thermometer read three degrees, Otter Pond froze over. There was no snow, but with the wind it felt much colder. This is very unusual for these parts, where the low seldom drops below ten degrees.

Eastern Blue Ridge Escarpment
The bright sun along the Eastern Blue Ridge Escarpment belied the bitter cold air covering the foothills forest. That’s Mount Shumont at 3,900 feet in the distance.

Brushy Top above Frozen Otter Pond
Oak Mountain overshadows an icy covered Otter Pond. The ice lasted for three days.

Icy Fibber Magee Drive
Ice from recent rains made driving a little treacherous on this country road.

Frozen Forest Pond at Otter Creek
Small forest ponds along Otter Creek also froze. This is rare because the water is moving through fairly rapidly, making a freeze difficult.

Moss and leichens on Forest floor
The forest floor resembles a coral reef more than a frozen Appalachian ground cover. Moss, sedum, lichens, and tiny ice plants make for a highly unusual scene.

Ice along Otter Creek
Where Otter Creek exits the valley on its way to join Cove Creek, a rare collection of ice looked almost like snow. A year ago, this was part of a beaver pond, but a flash flood washed everything away. Just not meant to be.

2 thoughts on “Frigid Days in Otter Creek Valley

  1. Beautiful photos but treacherous ice……be careful and stay warm.  Looks as though we have a reprieve for a few days.

    Take care and thanks for showing me the mountain beauties! Patsy


  2. Beaver Pond dam washed away —surprized the Beavers didn’t quickly rebuilt unless they had already been trapped & relocated ????????

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