January Snow at Sugar Mountain

Banner Elk Mountain
When I learned that it was snowing in the high country, I headed immediately to Sugar Mountain to see for myself. The temperature dropped 25 degrees from the time I left the house until I arrived at Sugar an hour and a half later. It was 15 degrees, and snowing. Above is a view of Banner Elk Mountain.

Road to Grandfather Mountain
Grandfather Mountain loomed in the distance…

Grandfather Mountain in Snow
It was snowing atop Grandfather Mountain.

Stone Castle in Snow
This rock house looks more European than Appalachian, but it sits in the middle of six more houses in a similar style. Quite captivating.

Sugar Mountain Ski House
This ski house looked inviting, but no one was there. Such a shame with all that new snow.

Cadillac in Snow at Sugar Mountain
This was the first time my car has seen snow. It did very well…

Rocks Snow and Water at Sugar Mountain
The soft snow muffled the sound of the small creek moving past these large boulders.

Picnic Table at Sugar Mountain
Snow had fallen all night, and was still drifting down on this picnic table.

Banner Elk Snow Scene

Cadillac Hood Ornament
Rocks and piles of snow along the road didn’t deter the Caddy…


Frozen Lake at Linville Village
Standing beside this windswept frozen lake near Linville Village on the return trip was as cold as it looks. Whirlwinds were lifting dry snow high into the sky.
Linville Lake in January
Yours truly takes a very short walk along the lake. Below is a two minute video showing the actual snow falling. I can’t wait to get back to Sugar Mountain to do some skiing.

2 thoughts on “January Snow at Sugar Mountain

  1. Vann,

    Loved the photos and video, however…………too cold for me! †Glad you are enjoying the NC mountains and their seasons.

    Have a great day Patsy


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