Sunset from Young’s Mountain above Lake Lure

Toward Mt. Mitchell from Lake Lure
As the sun disappeared, the last rays were on 6,740 foot Mt. Mitchell, and other mountains to the northwest. The vantage point is 2,800 foot Young’s Mountain, that stretches along the northeastern ridges of Lake Lure, far below.

Rumbling Bald Sunset
Rumbling Bald Mountain dominates the west ridges along Lake Lure, and the setting sun shows the appropriate silhouette. In the distance is 4,000 foot Sugarloaf Mountain with the glow of the retreating sun.

Young's Mountain Winter Woods
The winter woods on the western slopes of Young’s Mountain highlight the lonely ridge road.

Sugarloaf Mountain over Lake Lure
Sugarloaf Mountain.


Lake Lure Sunset
As darkness descends, Lake Lure reflects the last of the blue sky. This angle is directly toward the south and South Carolina.

4 thoughts on “Sunset from Young’s Mountain above Lake Lure

  1. We live on Young’s Mountain Dr and the sunsets and views of the lake and Rumbling Bald Mountain are indeed spectacular this time of the year. Thank you for showcasing it.

    Sent from my iPad Saundra Nelson Become a Friend of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge. phone 828-625-1065 cell 828-289-2214


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