Bitter Cold has Returned to Otter Creek Valley

Otter Pond Ice Sunrise
Earlier this month, a record low of 3 degrees was set for this area. At sunrise this morning it was 4 degrees. My sunrise walk took me around a frozen-over Otter Pond, the second time that has happened this winter. With today’s high in the mid-20’s, the ice will only get thicker.

Geese Over Icy Pond
These two geese were spooked by the dogs, and trumpeted their exit over the ice.

Ice and Blackberries
These dormant blackberry bushes block access to the pond, but sometimes that’s a good thing.


Dick's Mountain with Hemlocks
Dick’s Mountain behind the Hemlocks framed a very cold January forest with this view from the deck.

4 thoughts on “Bitter Cold has Returned to Otter Creek Valley

  1. It DOES look COLD! Reminds me of visits to Lake Placid, NY, always freezing there. Keep yourself warm. and be careful of the ice. Love ya, E

  2. Van,  Thanks for the beautiful photos (once again) and stay warm……..too cold for me right now.



  3. Whoo, Vann — hope you had hand warmers and heavy clothes. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your “back yard.” We’re still waiting for winter (after a week of lows below freezing in early Dec.) — our lows are in the mid 40s and highs both sides of 70. And, of course, thie frightening drought. We’re on high fire danger alert many days.

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