Winter Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

In winter, most of The Blue Ridge Parkway is closed because of snow and ice. The Parks Service avoids snowplows, sand, and salt. For cross country skiers, much of the parkway is Heaven. A short stretch of the roadway remains open all winter because there are a few farms east of Linville, and must have access. Today I found that stretch, and mostly, I had it all to myself. Recent snows covered much of the pavement, and the going was slow, but who cared.

Blue Ridge Parkway Stone Viaduct
As I entered the Parkway at NC Highway 181, I was greeted by one of the spectacular stone bridges that was built in the 1930’s by men who disparately needed jobs during the Great Depression.

Blue Ridge Parkway Cadillac
Almost immediately, there was the snow, so with no traffic, I stopped to admire the mountains to the northeast.

Blue Ridge Parkway View
To the east, cliffs had major ice where springs flowed out of the rocks.

Blue Ridge Parkway Snow
I’m not used to driving on snow, so after another mile beyond this point, I parked the car, and set out on foot.

Blue Ridge Parkway Rest Stop
Even walking wasn’t the easiest thing, so I sat down to rest.

Blue Ridge Parkway Smile
Next time I’ll wear my hiking boots…

Blue Ridge Parkway Snowman
Heading back to the south, I stopped to talk to this hitchhiker, but he was obviously not interested in anything I had to say.


Catawba River North Fork
The north fork of the Catawba River flows along US 221 south of Linville Village after it emerges from the slopes of Grandfather Mountain. Ice was along both banks, and river rocks had lots of snow. With a sunny afternoon and deep blue skies, my trek along the Parkway was just what the old country doctor ordered.

5 thoughts on “Winter Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

  1. Always love your photos, Vann, even if I don’t often comment. Love the combination of winter snow and low winter light.

    In Seattle we have had NO winter at all to speak of. The highs the past few days have been in the mid-50’s (about 10 degrees above our normal for late January). We had no show last winter and so far none this winter. We typically get two or three light dustings but nothing at all the past two years.


  2. Well you definitely have the snow up your way, know you are looking forward to getting in some ski time. Hey, you’d think you would have gear all packed in your trunk, ready for any adventure! lol I’ve had to drive in snow, the roads were not hilly but darn it wasn’t fun by no means, and as for walking or hiking in it, it’s a work out for sure. Great pictures of you btw. Keep warm, until your next share Edwina

  3. Neat photos, Vann………..Thanks for sending them. Of course you may keep all the snow up there.



  4. I think we saw that bridge when we visited Jenny and Sue! Love the hitchiker…. Thanks for taking us along on your walk –and put those boots in the car. Your feet must have been freezing!
    Lee Ann

  5. Wonderful imagery along the Blue Ridge Parkway during Winter. Insofar as I am aware, the NC 181 bridge is the only example which crosses over the Parkway, seemingly contradicting the intent of the original designers, which was for the Parkway to remain “above” intersecting roadways and railways. However, I haven’t yet traveled the Parkway’s full length, so I am not sure whether there may be others like this. Perhaps you, or one of your readers, may know of others?

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