First Measurable Snow in Three Years

Otter Creek Snow Swing
After over three years of occasional flurries and short snow burst, nature finally came through with the ideal snowfall. From noon until 6 p.m. on Tuesday, with temperatures around 22 degrees, small crystals blanketed Otter Creek Valley. Above is a view of Otter Creek behind my house.

Otter Creek Woods Sunrise
At sunrise, the woods were magical, even with only two inches on the ground.

Snow on Holly Leaves
This Holly bough had just the right amount of snow to still be identifiable.

Otter Creek Snow Gully
The woods are filled with critter tracks. This gully has two dens at the bottom for either ground hogs or foxes. Rabbit, coyote, and deer tracks are everywhere.

Otter Creek Valley Ponds in snow
In warmer weather, I like to sit in this chair and watch the sunset over the pond.

Hemlock House Sunrise
Hemlock House was especially serene at sunrise. Who would have thought that only two inches of snow could be so beautiful?


Otter Creek Valley Snow Sunrise
Buddy surveys the icy road ahead as the sun tries to peek through.

"Buddy" on Frozen Otter Pond
Buddy walked onto the ice on Otter Pond, but this is as far as he went.

Hemlock House Deck Sunrise
This morning, the temperature was 2 degrees, a record low for this valley. The snow on the deck at sunrise was exactly as it was on Tuesday evening.

4 thoughts on “First Measurable Snow in Three Years

  1. Hi Vann

    Looks beautiful…..thanks for sharing the pictures.  40 and very cold rain here……I hate it!  Need sunshine to keep me smiling.



    • Mary Kay, I love the cold weather. I dread the hot weather. The four seasons are the best thing. In the summer, I especially like those 58 degree mornings, and not needing AC. Snow is still magical to me, and I crave more. I became bored with the monotony of Miami’s weather and the flat horizon.

  2. Vann, You are so right! The snow does look magical, like a dusting of powdered sugar on your favorite woods. Your swing still looks inviting even though its covered in snow. Love how you captured the sunlight shimmering in the woods, and your favorite spot for sunsets now has a different special view. Keep warm and give Buddy a hello from me

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