While Waiting for Snow

With a major snow storm knocking on the door, today seemed especially calm. Snow flurries at sunrise after an inch of rain really intensified all the colors in the woods. It was just above freezing, but a dusting during the night coated the cars and grass.
Otter Creek Valley Ridges
Snow was falling on the higher mountains to the northwest. Wolf Pen Mountain is the tallest peak at 3,100 feet.

Dick's Mountain Snow Clouds
Dick’s Mountain is overshadowed by thick clouds as the first of two storms slides by with heavy snow thirty miles to the south.

Hemlock House Evergreens
Virginia, Loblolly, and Short Leaf Pines, along with Red Cedar, Juniper, and Carolina Blue Cypress, guard Hemlock House in anticipation of what is to come tomorrow.

Roan Horsetop Mountain at Dusk
2,800 foot Roan Horsetop Mountain is aglow in blue well after sunset, while car headlights illuminate the feather grass along Fibber Magee Drive. The southwest sky seems to emit a greenish aura as new clouds begin to move in.

2 thoughts on “While Waiting for Snow

  1. I am so sad I will be missing an almost full moon shining down on the freshly fallen snow of Hickory Nut Gorge! Hope it’s not too cold to stay out late and get some pictures.

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