Major Snow Along the Blue Ridge Escarpment

After over three years, the arrival of a significant snow storm in these parts was cause for celebration. Eight inches fell over a 24 hour period, and cold temperatures ensured that the white stuff would be around for a while. Below is my house before sunrise on Thursday, February 13th, with heavy snow still falling.
Hemlock House Dawn

Click on any of the small photos to see the full screen version….

Otter Creek Valley Road
The road circles around the southern slope of Oak Mountain above Otter Pond.

Wolf Pen Mountain Ridges
Wolf Pen Mountain on the far horizon, with Bear Gap, and Brushy Top Mountains, is still getting heavy snow near sunrise.

High Lodges Pond Reflections
High Lodges Pond reflects a snow covered Brushy Top Mountain.

Hemlock House in Sun

Hemlock House at Sunset

Otter Creek Peninsula
Otter Creek flows past a small waterfall from a branch out of High Lodges.

Otter Creek Valley Sunset
At the end of a perfect day, the sun paints the colors of winter as it slips behind Dick’s Mountain.

Otter Creek Valley by Moonlight
A full moon over Otter Creek Valley illuminates a snow covered deck at Hemlock House.

Full Moon at Hemlock House
As midnight approaches, the full moon gives a magical aura to a glowing Hemlock House. This was another memorable day in an incredible place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

3 thoughts on “Major Snow Along the Blue Ridge Escarpment

  1. Just beautiful pictures, really like the reflection on High Lodges pond and the one at the end of the day, reflecting in the pond, Hemlock House REALLY looks inviting, glowing in the moon light. What a view from the deck. Enjoyed as usual!!!

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