March Snows above 2,500 feet

Snow Ravine

Snow fell above 2,500 feet Monday night, and a twenty minute drive up the Blue Ridge Escarpment west of my house found a surprisingly beautiful scene with less than a inch of snow.

Stone Mountain snow and ice

Along the ridges of 3,000 foot Stone Mountain north of Lake Lure, an ice storm, combined with the snow, coated the trees with white magic.

Stone Mountain Encrustment

Light snow was still falling as the sun illuminated the northwest ridge of the mountain.

Little Pisgah Snow

Little Pisgah Mountain to the west, with an elevation of 4,200 feet, was still shrouded in snow clouds, while a snowless valley lay below.

Little Pisgah

If you’ve ever wondered how less than an inch of snow could change the scenery, one look at Little Pisgah through the trees will satisfy your curiosity. The spot where this image was made is only twenty miles east of Asheville. The temperature was 23 degrees.

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