Buncombe County Snow in March

Cedar Creek Road in Snow

After a night of steady rain at my house, and a temperature of 33 degrees, I drove west looking for the snow. Just six miles away, and just over the Buncombe County (Asheville) line, there it was. Cedar Creek Road, above, had over three inches.

Old Fort Road Map

I would drive up Cedar Creek Road to Old Fort Road, then south about a mile, where I turned around and headed back.

Top of Cedar Creek

Along Old Fort Road, about 4″ had fallen, but with a temperature still at 33 degrees, the rain was beginning to fall.

Old Fort Road 2

Old Fort Road Garage

This old garage had a great collection of vintage license plates.

Old Fort Road Log

Take a look at this six minute video that will take you on a tour of Old Fort Road.
The music is the Agnus Dei from a mass by Samuel Barber.

One thought on “Buncombe County Snow in March

  1. Hey Vann……looks like a treacherous drive……be careful on those mountain roads.  Great pictures, 



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