Last Run of the Season at Sugar Mountain

After receiving 8″ of fresh powder snow on Tuesday, Sugar Mountain was the place to be on Wednesday. Even though it was late March, skiing conditions were the best I’ve seen at this North Carolina high country resort. Temps were in the high 20’s, there was little wind, the snow making guns had long since been silenced, and the sky was a deep blue. Being so late in the season and being a weekday, there were no lift lines. This was ideal skiing for any ski or snowboard aficionado.

Sugar Mountain Chairlift

Sugar Mountain Family

Sugar Mountain Vista

Sugar Mountain Highrise
This was the first and last multistory building to be built atop a North Carolina mountain. The uproar was so strong from natives and tourists alike that laws were passed to prevent anything like this from happening again. Especially affected by this eyesore on the horizon was the venerable Grandfather Mountain attraction just to the east. Sometimes people do the right thing.

Sugar Mountain condos

Sugar Mountain Main Run

This three minute video shows my entire last run. Such a shame that this heavy snowfall came so late in the season. Sugar closes on Sunday.

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