A Sunday Ride Around the Mountains

Remember the days when we would all pile in car on Sunday afternoon and just ride somewhere? It was always an adventure. I’ve been feeling nostalgic these last few days, so I figured, why not? It was snowing this morning up toward Boone, and the wind has been whipping through the passes and valleys all through the mountains. There was a wind chill in the low 40’s this afternoon, but the Sun was out. Apple Trees are beginning to blossom, and even some green leaves are bursting out. All of these photos were made within 15 minutes of the house.

Mt Mitchell Snow

Mt. Mitchell and the surrounding peaks were covered with snow. This view is from atop Young’s Mountain north of Lake Lure.

Granite Mountain

View Toward Charlotte

That’s King’s Mountain on the right. Charlotte is out there in the middle somewhere.

Spring Arrives in Apple Valley

Kwansan Cherry

Kwansan Cherry Blossoms

Apple Blossom Time

Apple Blossom Canopy

Apple Tree Trunks

Apple Orchard

Apple Blossom Pool

Apple Tree Moss

Click on any photo to get the full effect of the larger image. There is alot of detail here.

Under the Apple Trees

2 thoughts on “A Sunday Ride Around the Mountains

  1. Such beautiful photos of your Sunday Ride………cherry blossoms are gorgeous.  Brad and I used to take the children (when they were young) and scout out model homes……….. Have had a really busy day…….my favorite son in Law, Jeff had a heart attack yesterday morning…..they were able to get to hospital in time, placed a stent and opened the blockage……he looks great today.  He and Kathy are avid runners and no history of heart problems in his family.  He is 54………….and to top it off my granddaughter is in labor as we speak at another local hospital…..so today was filled with hospital time. (and church this am).  Tomorrow will probably be similar…..

    Take care, Patsy


  2. What a lovely ride you must have had, thanks for sharing the spectacular picture. Love the cherry blossoms, I’d love to stank in that circle and look up at the petals falling down, magical fairy tale “snow”. The closeups of the lichen on the tree was cool, always fascinated by the different shapes of them and how the barks of the trees have such great knots in the trunks.

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