The Grove Park Inn Welcomes Spring…

One of the most historic places in all the mountains is the 100 year old Grove Park Inn, perched on the side of Sunset Mountain, overlooking the delightful small city of Asheville, North Carolina. Built of native granite boulders collected from the surrounding mountains, this Craftsman era treasure has been the destination of Presidents and celebrities since it opened.

Grove Park Inn in Spring

Grove Park Inn Gardens

Japanese Magnolia

Asheville Skyline from Grove Park

The Asheville skyline and Blue Ridge seen from the hotel…

Grove Park Inn Rear View

Grove Park Inn Roof

New Grove Park Inn lobby


Grove Park Inn South Fireplace

Two matching giant fireplaces flank the north and south walls of the large lobby.

Grove Park Inn Elevator
A dramatic elevator is hidden inside these massive stones.

Grove Park Inn Lobby in Spring

Grove Park Inn Stained Glass

Grove Park Inn Front
Like a sleeping relic of the past, this historic hotel enters its second century with dignity and awe.

3 thoughts on “The Grove Park Inn Welcomes Spring…

  1. Wow, well another place to put on my bucket list to visit. Awesome architecture ! Love the “rock” elevator and the whimsical butterfly trees in the lobby,

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