Springtime Sunset in Montford Cove

If you’re driving to Lake Lure or Chimney Rock from I-40, you’ll pass through this tiny hamlet along your way. There’s no town, just a Baptist church, but the valley raises Black Angus cattle and high protein hay. There’s a 1,900 foot mountain with a wonderful southern view toward Charlotte and South Carolina. Sunset seems to be the best time of day for color and texture.

Montford Cove Pasture

That’s Long Mountain on the left, with a very distant King’s Mountain to the far right horizon. Charlotte is just near the center, and is visible at night.

Tryon Mountain Ridges

The distant ridge is Tryon Mountain along the South Carolina line. Next comes Bill’s Mountain just east of Lake Lure.

Montford Cove Derelict

This decaying 19th century farmhouse stands guard over expansive hay fields.

Long Mountain Sunset

Long Mountain hides in the shadows as the last rays stream across the fields.

Cove Creek Valley

A panoramic view of the valley shows the first greens of spring spreading up the slopes.

One thought on “Springtime Sunset in Montford Cove

  1. Just beautiful photos. The view of Long Mt and King Mt, almost looks like a painting, Love all the different hues of blues, a dash of orange then purplish color pops at you in the one of Tryon Mountain. It’s a shame that farmhouse is left to decay, such a pretty setting. And lastly the glorious sunset on Long mountain. I’m sure everyday as you trek around more green will be showing and more surprises. Thanks as always for sharing

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