Flowering Trees before the Deep Freeze

It was 25 degrees this morning and has been below freezing for over nine hours, with more to go. Tonight will be the same. After two inches of needed rain Monday night and Tuesday morning, cloudy skies gave way to clear blue in the afternoon, with stiff winds over 25 mph. Snow fell in northern Alabama. Right now, the rainwater has frozen and risen from the dirt, and large puddles have a sheet of ice as in dead winter.

With the white and pink Dogwood finally in full bloom, and the Kwansan Cherry heavy with giant pink flowers, I felt it best to capture their dramatic color while I still could. I can only imagine what might be happening to the apple blossoms around Hendersonville. These late deep freezes can ruin the season for these growers. Also, with most other trees pushing out new tender leaves, even their futures are affected. I also fear for those few Hummingbirds who chose to arrive two weeks early. In the meantime, here is the incredible beauty that I found just north of me in McDowell County.

Pink and White Dogwood

These dogwood were along Main Street in Marion, N.C., as were the trees below. Click on the thumbnail to see the full scene, then scroll through the images.

I then went to the interchange at Interstate 40 and U.S. 221 south of Marion. Years ago the state had the foresight to plant Dogwood all around the approaches.

Interstate 40 Interchange Dogwood

Dogwood Mountain

Moving south on US 221, I found this electric Redbud at on old brick farmhouse.

Redbud and Brick Farmhouse

Just north of my house along the McDowell and Rutherford County line, the green of the pastures was so magnificent. This area is virtually unchanged for decades, with the same families living on the land.

Mountain Log Cabin in Pasture

Green Pastures of McDowell County, NC

Black Angus Grazing

Hickory Nut Mountain, at 3,100 feet, dominates the western horizon in this valley. I hope that the hard freeze will not kill the new green buds covering the slopes.

Hickory Nut Mountain in Spring

Hickory Nut Mountain Road

Tight Run Road in Montford Cove

Hickory Nut Mountain Willows

Above is Tight Run Road in Montford Cove, with Willow trees adding inches by the day. Tomorrow I travel to Tallahassee, Florida, for a few days, but when I return on Sunday, I hope to find Spring still abounding throughout these mountains.

2 thoughts on “Flowering Trees before the Deep Freeze

  1. So hope that the freeze doesn’t destroy all the beautiful flowering trees either. Mr WINTER doesn’t want to go away it seems. We’ve had strange weather here, too, very windy and cloudy and down pours on and off in areas. Not totally rained out so far but it sure keeps you guessing about when to walk the dogs, etc. Well I hope you enjoy your trip to Tallahassee and have a safe trip. I have been listening to a few CD’s by an artist named Giovanni, discovered him years ago in Vegas. his music makes me think of your videos and pictures..Check him out. Laters, have a nice Easter if I don’t hear from you until after the weekend. Love ya, E

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