How to Lower Your Blood Pressure in Ten Minutes or Less

Fibber Magee Drive in May

Forget all of those little pills. Just spend a few minutes in my valley and your pressure will definitely go down. That’s Fibber Magee Drive one afternoon last week.

Green Hickorynut Mountain

Hickorynut Mountain has turned an envious shade of green over the past week.

Ancient Carolina Rock

Hard to believe that this boulder has been here for hundreds of thousands of years. Oh the stories it could tell.

Iron Rich Red Carolina Clay

This vertical wall of iron rich Carolina red clay used to be part of a long past lake bed.

Red Wax Flower

These Carolina Allspice flowers have an enticing aroma, but don’t confuse them with the popular herb. They are quite poisonous. It’s a bush native to these mountains, and also is called Sweet Shrub. The petals are very straw like in spite of their soft appearance.

Drooping Fetterbush

If you’re thinking that these are the much sought after wedding flower, Lillies of the Valley, looks can be deceiving. Locals call this “Dog Hobble” because if Buddy were to eat them, he wouldn’t be able to walk. Also called the Drooping Fetterbush, these ivory hued blossoms are also very poisonous. Even putting your nose up to smell the sweet scent can cause serious respiratory problems. Look but don’t touch.

Carolina Allspice seedling

This Carolina Allspice seedling found the perfect rock crevice to set up housekeeping.

Mud Dobbers Rock nest

Mud Dobbers know a nice dry spot when they find it. This nest grows a little more every summer.

Wild Iris Patch

Patches of Wild Iris are scattered around the woods.

Wild Iris Blossoms

Wild Aster Blossoms

These Wild Asters have the most delicate lavender color you’ll find anywhere in the spring woods.

Mountain Storm in the Blue Ridge

Late one afternoon last week, when the South was getting all the bad weather, some of the ominous clouds made it as far north as Otter Creek Valley. Luckily, their bark was much worse than their bite, and no rain fell that evening.

There now, don’t you feel more relaxed already? I knew you would.

One thought on “How to Lower Your Blood Pressure in Ten Minutes or Less

  1. Really beautiful and relaxing pictures for sure. Love the flowers, even the poisonous ones. You have color everywhere in your paradise.

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