Mountain Laurel Time in Otter Creek Valley

Blackberry Thicket near Wolf Pen

When the Blackberries start to bloom, you know that the Mountain Laurel can’t be far behind. Wolf Pen Mountain at 3,100 feet greets the sun on a bright blue sky morning.

Mountain Laurel Buds

Just before the blossoms open, the buds on the Laurel are a bright pink.

Mountain Laurel Sunrise

With the rising sun behind the flower, you can really see how intricate the design can be, and how the pink spreads out into red stamens as the petals expand.

Mountain Laurel Blossoms

It will be another week or so before all the blooms open, but the day to day progression is fascinating to follow.

Mountain Laurel Thicket

The Mountain Laurel is in the same family as the Rhododendrons and the Azaleas, but the blossoms are individual “cups” instead of lacy combinations of multiple flowers.

Mountain Laurel Flowers

4 thoughts on “Mountain Laurel Time in Otter Creek Valley

  1. Mountain laurel pics are gorgeous…….makes me miss my WV hills even more…….spring only

    Thanks for sharing Love Patsy


  2. Vann, Good Luck with your first contest. Your work is beautiful, sensitive, along with your written dialogue reflects your love of your home state.

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