Scenes of Spring along the Blue Ridge

As Spring unfolds in these mountains, changes in color and texture are everywhere. These images are more random than usual, but deserve to be seen just the same. Ice was on the cars last Friday with a low of 37 degrees, and this morning was an eye opening 41. The transition to summer is happening every day, and sometimes the only way to know is to watch for the Blackberry blossoms to fall away.

Lake Lure Catawba Rhododendron

These Catawba Rhododendron along the southern shore of Lake Lure are about a month ahead of the more famous blooms at Roan Mountain on the Tennessee border. Of course, there’s a 4,500 foot elevation difference.

Misty Pond Reeds

The reeds in Otter Pond are surrounded by a thick morning mist.

Wildflowers abound as summer approaches…

Horsetop Mountain Mist

Roan Horsetop Mountain just after a heavy spring rain with mist rising from a creek.

Buttercups blanket many of the pastures.

High Lodges Pond at Sunset

The pond at High Lodges at Otter Creek at sunset.

Blackberries and Yellow Wildflowers

Blackberries and yellow wildflowers share a sunrise meadow.

Blackberry bushes are everywhere throughout Otter Creek Valley. A late season frost did little to stop this hearty bloom from fulfilling its appointed mission.

Mahogany House at Sunrise

The Mahogany of Hemlock House shines brightly in the morning sun.

The fragrance of Honeysuckle in the yard makes sitting on the deck a very enjoyable experience.

Hickorynut Mountain SUnset

Hickorynut Mountain, at 3,100 feet, shows its western slopes to the setting sun.

Moon over Dick's Mountain

An almost full moon hangs over Dick’s Mountain just after sunrise.

Mount Shumont in Spring

Mount Shumont as seen from the North Carolina foothills this afternoon. Lake Lure is just on this side of that impressive peak.

Blue Ridge Castle

The largest home I’ve seen in the foothills is almost finished. What an amazing view it will have of the Blue Ridge Escarpment. That’s Tryon Mountain near South Carolina in the distance. I need to meet these people.

Purple Field Flower

Purple Field Flower detail

I haven’t been able to ID these field flowers, but they sure are showy. The leaves look like the Pea family. Any help?

The following video will take you on an early morning walk through Otter Creek Valley. The dogs arrive every day just before sunup, and accompany me for the entire hike. Sometimes I let them choose the route.

3 thoughts on “Scenes of Spring along the Blue Ridge

  1. Sure enjoyed the hike, beautiful scenery. Love how Hunter and especially Buddy tag along. Those boots of yours have some miles on them, lol. I sat here drinking a glass of wine after dinner, just taking it all in and letting all the tension disappear! So glad you share the beauty with us

  2. I am wondering who did the pic of the The reeds in Otter Pond are surrounded by a thick morning mist.
    I am a card maker and would like to use it in one of my cards. I make cards and sell them for a small cost and give half of the proceeds to our local Children’s museum. I would like permission to use this photo.

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