Stately Mansions of Salisbury

Historic Salisbury, North Carolina, was a major tobacco, textile, and railroad center until just a few years ago, and the architectural legacy left by the wealthy industry barons can be enjoyed today along South Fulton Street near the center of town. This is the neighborhood where former North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole grew up, and where she and husband Bob still call home today.

Blue Salisbury Mansion

Salisbury Brick Mansion
The Hambley-Wallace House (1902) Chateauesque Style

Salisbury Wallace House

Salisbury Greek Revival Mansion

Salisbury Craftsman Mansion

Salisbury Gingerbread Mansion

Salisbury Red Brick Mansion
Wright House (1912)

Salisbury Wright House

Salisbury Queen Anne Mansion
Miller Slater Brown House (1901)

Salisbury Pink House

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