Summer Takes Hold in Otter Creek Valley

Otter Pond Poplar

As summer becomes more evident, the trees and flowers in Otter Creek Valley are enjoying the daily rain showers. Everythying is green and healthy.

Blackberries Ripening

Blackberries are beginning to ripen, and soon, pickin time will be here.
Brushy Top Log Home

The new log home on the southern face of Brushy Top Mountain is nearing completion.

Otter Creek Chalet

My home is surrounded by an early morning fog as the Sun rises.

Bentley at Otter Creek

Bentley the cat has found a favorite spot in the back meadow, but I can still see him from the deck.

Laurel Valley Cabin Deck

In the next valley to the north, the view from this cabin makes me envious…Tryon Mountain in Summer

…and the view of Tryon Mountain to the southwest shows the summer haze that gives the Blue Ridge its famous name.

2 thoughts on “Summer Takes Hold in Otter Creek Valley

  1. Beautiful as usual, Vann……….the wild flowers there are gorgeous and the Mountains seem to be calling me.  It is really hot and muggy here!

    Love Patsy


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