An Italian Town in North Georgia

Montaluce Vineyard Village

Traveling into the piedmont foothills of northern Georgia, I encountered this magical Italian style village nestled among vine covered slopes.

Montaluce Vineyard Hillside

The vineyard is called Montaluce, and a large winery is florishing there, surrounded by villas and gardens that remind you of Tuscany.

Montaluce Vineyards Meadow

Flower covered meadows and vegetable gardens are scattered over the verdant slopes.

Montaluce Vineyard Villas

Villas are built along the rows of vines and must follow the Italian style…

Montaluce Winery

Montaluce Grand Villa

Montaluce Vineyard

Montaluce Vineyard Villa

Montaluce is located about five miles northwest of Dahlonega, which was the site of the Georgia gold rush of the early 19th century. Today, the gold comes from a different source, the thousands of tourist who flock there every summer and fall to enjoy the history and small town charm of this college town that is the home of the University of North Georgia.

Dahlonega Town Hall

The Dahlonega Town Hall was built in 1836. Today it contains the Gold Museum…

Dahlonega Map

2 thoughts on “An Italian Town in North Georgia

  1. The Italian town and winery are quite neat……good pictures.  Brad and I visited Dahlonega a number of years ago.  I think the Cabbage Patch Doll Hospital was there……cute town.

    Pictures are lovely…..that is a nice area Love Patsy \


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