July 4th along the Blue Ridge

It was 49 degrees this morning here in Otter Creek Valley, and along with the cooler temps comes the low humidity, and very clear air. The views along the escarpment yesterday were more like April than July. The woods in the foothills under Mount Shumont at Lake Lure seemed to sparkle in the afternoon sun.

Mount Shumont Clouds

A little further north, and the view of Stone Mountain was just as breathtaking…

Stone Mountain Vista

Yesterday at sunrise, Otter Creek Valley, just north of Lake Lure, was shimmering as the sun caught the lower slopes of Bear Gap Mountain. Fibber Magee Drive winds its way through the forest of Loblolly Pine as it descends into the lower western portion of the valley.

Otter Creek Valley Sunrise

The video below was made just after the sun rose from behind Oak and Brushy Top Mountains. If you’re viewing this as part of your e-mail, click on the main headline above to go directly to the full blog to view the video. The music is Virgil Fox playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Only by watching the video can you experience the three dimensionality of these mountains and trees.

2 thoughts on “July 4th along the Blue Ridge

  1. Vann:

    Great video.

    We need to get you a drone for outdoor photography!

    Sent from William N Harrell Jr Personal Blackberry PDA

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