Revisiting Craftsmen Treasures at Queen’s Gap

When Queen’s Gap, a residential development, went bankrupt three years ago. it left behind two remarkable buildings in the process. Both were built in the American Craftsmen style, as were many other new buildings across these mountains. When we last saw these gems, they were being vandalized, and no one seemed to care.

Why they haven’t been sold in an auction of liquidation is beyond me, but at least the current owners have boarded up all first floor windows and doors in an effort to preserve these treasures.

The first is the gatehouse, shown below…

Queen's Gap Gatehouse Profile

The weeds are higher than I’ve ever seen, and Kudzu is creeping its way into the mix, but, so far, the structure is sound.

Queen's Gap Gatehouse Front

Queen's Gap Gatehouse Kudzu
Kudzu is not something that you want climbing all over your house.

Queen's Gap Gatehouse Weeds
Weeds are so opportunistic. They can take over everything.

Queen's Gap Gatehouse Rear View
From the back, only hints of its former beauty are still visible.

Queen's Gap Lodge and Fence

From Thermal City Road, the first things you notice about the lodge are the blue shutters on the first floor.

Queen's Gap Lodge SIgn

Where guests once entered on a sweeping circular drive, only the tall weeds still greet the rare visitor.

Queen's Gap Lodge Awaits

The design of the wood and stone structure still comes through, no matter what.

Queen's Gap Lodge Shuttered
At least the garish blue shutters seem to be doing their job.

Queen's Gap Outdoor Porch

The spacious indoor/outdoor entertaining porch has fared well in spite of losing all of its light fixtures.

Queen's Gap Lodge Eastern View

Queen's Gap Lodge Lantern

Hopefully soon, someone will purchase this architectural relic, and people will once again have parties as they once did. I hope that the next time I update the condition of these iconic structures, the story will be a better one. To see how the buildings have changed over time, search “Queen’s Gap” for earlier posts.

3 thoughts on “Revisiting Craftsmen Treasures at Queen’s Gap

  1. What a shame, that is such a great looking lodge! Like the large fireplace. Certainly hope someone saves it before the kudzu takes over

  2. So sad………the homes are beautiful….hope something happens soon with the development! Patsy


  3. Where is this Queen’s Gap ( County ) Directions from / to Pls ? Who in their right mind planted Kudzu ( The Great Asian Vine ) on this Locatoion ? Great Photos Vann!

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